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  • Ransomware: The Power is in Your Hands
    by FDA Services Inc. Ransomware has become the number one cyber threat to dental offices. The field of cyber security is largely mysterious to those outside of it, even though it Read more
  • Prevent Water Damage in Your Dental Practice
    FDA Services has seen a sharp increase in water damage claims for our dental offices in the last several years. These claims end up being extremely costly for practice owners Read more
  • Response to The Doctors Company’s Survey on Opioid Use
    By Roneet Lev, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Office of National Drug Control Policy On behalf of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), I would like to acknowledge Read more
  • Ransomware Attack Options: Restore, Pay, or Lose Patient Data
    By Craig Musgrave, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, The Doctors Company The news made national headlines: Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s computer systems were down for more than a week* as the Read more
  • Electronic Health Records Continue to Lead to Medical Malpractice Suits
    The Doctors Company’s analysis of claims in which EHRs contributed to injury show a total of 216 claims closed from 2010-2018. The pace of these claims grew, from a low of 7 cases in 2010 to an average of 22.5 cases per year in 2017 and 2018. EHRs are typically contributing factors rather than the primary cause of claims, and the frequency of claims with an EHR factor continues to be low (1.1 percent of all claims closed since 2010). Still, as EHRs approach near-universal adoption, they may become a more prevalent source of risk. Read more
  • Crown Savings merchant, iCoreDental Practice Management Software, ‘Not' Subject to Type of Ransomware in the News
    Statement from Robert McDermott - President & CEO, iCoreConnect This week has brought reports of a number of U.S. dental offices held by ransomware.  These incidents were made possible by the Read more
  • Does Trial Lawyer Advertising Pose a Growing Risk to Public Health?
    What would you do if you saw a TV ad about a lawsuit against a drug company over a medication prescribed by your physician that you were currently taking? In 2017, the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) asked that question of 1,335 adults—500 of whom were currently taking or had taken one of 12 prescription drugs frequently targeted by personal injury lawyers. Nearly half of the survey respondents said they would definitely or probably stop taking the drug immediately after seeing the ad. When shown an actual TV lawsuit ad about a drug they or a household member had taken, more than half said they would reduce the dosage to below the prescribed amount. Read more
  • Terminating Patient Relationships
    By Julie Brightwell, JD, RN, Director, Healthcare Systems Patient Safety, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, The Doctors Company, and Richard Cahill, JD, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Read more
  • Challenges of Cultural Diversity in Healthcare: Protect Your Patients and Yourself
    Susan Shepard, MSN, RN, Senior Director, Patient Safety and Risk Management Education, The Doctors Company Doctors are increasingly faced with providing care to a multicultural society complicated by literacy issues. Ensuring Read more
  • Hackers See Your Practice as Easy Money
    There are reports from around the country of dentists being hacked. One dentist reported that her patients received “aggressive” emails telling them they owed money for services they never received. Read more
  • Is Your Patient a Victim of Human Trafficking?
    Most healthcare providers are aware they have a responsibility to identify and report victims of child abuse, elder neglect, and domestic violence. Another type of abuse—human trafficking—is, however, on the Read more
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations in Healthcare: Rising Risks
    A successful and highly-respected pediatrician with an unblemished record over decades of practice learns of a HIPAA breach by a member of his clerical staff. After an investigation reveals the Read more
  • Contest: Join the Molar Madness and build the Best March Madness Bracket!
    Grand Prize Beer Tasting in Paradise Event Table at FDC2019Event Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019 | 6-8 pm5-Course Beer Tasting with small plate pairings, hosted by Dr. Rudy Liddell.100 percent of Read more
  • Wearable Medical Devices Give Abundant Data and Risks
    Since 2013, the number of U.S. consumers tracking their health data with wearables has doubled.1 And that number continues to rise: During the third quarter of 2018, the wearables market Read more
  • Make Same-Day Care Work for Your Practice and Your Patients
    To meet patient expectations and remain competitive in today’s rapid-paced environment, more and more dentists are adopting same-day care models. Dentists who can provide diagnostics and care on the same day dramatically improve their patients’ health, resulting in higher patient loyalty. Read more
  • Patient Selection for Elective Procedures
    Many claims originate with patients who are not appropriate candidates for procedures. Having a well-planned and carefully executed patient selection process can help you identify patients who are good surgical candidates and those who may not be able to achieve satisfactory results. Read more

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