Welcome to FDA Services

FDA Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florida Dental Association. We strive to be the source for information on insurance for our member dentists. Revenue from insurance sales goes directly toward helping FDA programs and lobbying efforts that are important to members, and to keep dues at their lowest possible level. 

Our experienced staff is ready to get to work for you – call 800.877.7597, email [email protected] or click on the LiveChat link to connect to our agents today.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • "Dan always comes through with an answer to my questions. I have worked with Dan since 2005. Dan is professional and very knowledgeable about all things relating to insurance. Great job!"
    Patrick P., customer since 2006
  • "Agent explained everything in simple easy terms."
    Customer since 2016
  • "Dan has always been helpful and patient."
    Customer since 2013
  • "Great customer service!"
    Customer since 2002
  • "Taking care of our needs, strongly believe In organize Dentistry."
    Customer since 2013
  • "Very knowledgeable, quick response, & cost effective!"
    Dieter B., customer since 2014
  • "Great company, easy to work with."
    Joe M., customer since 2014
  • "The personal service we receive is unparalleled. The FDAS staff is efficient and friendly and able to take take of any and all problems encountered by their clients. Competitive rates with member benefits as a bonus."
    Richard S., customer since 1987
  • "You respond almost immediately to any requests or email. I truly appreciate that period when a person is so busy it's great to have an answer right away."
    Falastin A., customer since 2016
  • "Great correspondence &customer service."
    Carl B., customer since 2013
  • "good ins products"
    Jill H., customer since 1999
  • "Your service is awesome. Keep working like that."
    Customer since 2014
  • "Good and friendly customer service and quick response time."
    Customer since 2016
  • "Good communication, but mostly like having the payment plans with auto pay so I don't have to worry if I made a payment."
    Paul M., customer since 1989

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