Read below what our happy clients say about us!

Dan always comes through with an answer to my questions. I have worked with Dan since 2005. Dan is professional and very knowledgeable about all things relating to insurance. Great job!
Patrick P., customer since 2006

Agent explained everything in simple easy terms.
Customer since 2016

Dan has always been helpful and patient.
Customer since 2013

Great customer service!
Customer since 2002

Taking care of our needs, strongly believe In organize Dentistry.
Customer since 2013

Very knowledgeable, quick response, & cost effective!
Dieter B., customer since 2014

Great company, easy to work with.
Joe M., customer since 2014

The personal service we receive is unparalleled. The FDAS staff is efficient and friendly and able to take take of any and all problems encountered by their clients. Competitive rates with member benefits as a bonus.
Richard S., customer since 1987

You respond almost immediately to any requests or email. I truly appreciate that period when a person is so busy it's great to have an answer right away
Falastin A., customer since 2016

Great correspondence &customer service.
Carl B., customer since 2013

good ins products
Jill H., customer since 1999

Your service is awesome. Keep working like that.
Customer since 2014

Good and friendly customer service and quick response time.
Customer since 2016

Good communication, but mostly like having the payment plans with auto pay so I don't have to worry if I made a payment.
Paul M., customer since 1989

FDA services were very fair in insurance rates and very prompt in the refund after cancellation. Thanks
Customer since 2004

Mike Trout is awesome! Always engaged. Quickly gets back. Terrific service. :)
Samira M., customer since 2017

The insurance benefits are a great value. I’ve never filed a claim but I hope if I ever do the service will also be prompt and hassle free.
Customer since 2000

You have good products, reasonably priced, with friendly staff backing you up.
Customer since 2013

Competitive rates.
Customer since 2013

With only a few words We can define the way you treat us. The best attention and solutions in a quiet and polite manner. Thank you.
Victor L., customer since 2014

Great Customer Service, and competitive pricing for insurance.
Customer since 2015

I’ve been working with Dan Zottoli at FDA Services for years. He’s has always been extremely responsive and helpful.
Joshua B., customer since 2014

Amazing Communication and fast responses to any and all questions.
Customer since 2013

I Always know that I can get the insurance information that I need with just one call.
Steven B., customer since 2002

Great customer stomer service
Customer since 2001

Excellent customer service. Very good at providing timely answers to important business operations and various coverage questions
Roger R., customer since 2008

Excellent customer service
Customer since 2012

Great personal service. Set me up for success.
Lance W., customer since 2017

Always quick to provide an answer to questions or send information as needed for documentation.
Customer since 2015

Mike worked with me to get the best rate. I appreciate his honesty and diligence.
Doron B., customer since 2018

Get get faster service than what Mike Trout offers! Super speedy replies and always quick follow through's on almost any question or concern we have.
Customer since 2018

I felt that you had our best interest in mind. Thanks!
Customer since 2018

You guys just took care of all my needs with no worries.
Kevin S., customer since 2017

i was resistant but the ADA and FDA has vastly improved in the past year and is run by caring individuals that make a difference
Harold B., customer since 2016

Great company and services!
Bernardo C., customer since 2016

Mike Trout is professional, knowledgeable and immediately available when needed.
Thomas F., customer since 2015

Always on top of new improvements
Customer since 1990

Has always been responsive and informative.
Charles S., customer since 2014

Competitive rates and very accessible staff
Douglas P., customer since 1985

Rick got me insured very quickly. Everything was done over the phone and through email. It was a very easy process.
Customer since 2018

Always there for us when needed, even for the small things.
Customer since 2006

Rick has always been extremely helpful with all of our insurance needs!
Customer since 2002

The services provided by the FDA are top notch. I tend to ask many questions, and these questions are answered promptly and accurately.
Mark R., customer since 2001

The transition of my policy was painless
Elie I., customer since 2018

All questions and problems have always been addressed immediately.
Martin R., customer since 1987

Dan and is staff are very responsive to all of my needs. I had bad experiences with other agencies in the past, so I am very pleased to now work with FDA.
Customer since 2016

I guess the initial meeting with Dennis Head was very informative. Some of the materials provided to me as well, such as the book on legal and administrative recommendations.
Javier M., customer since 2003

Dennis Head and FDA services have always been exceptional in the insurance they offer and the level of service they provide.
Pamela W., customer since 2005

Great Service, and all our needs are taken care of quickly and diligently
Yolanda M., customer since 2008

Great follow-up and services
Customer since 2017

Always quick to respond to any questions and are always very helpful with all aspects of insurance.
Adam B., customer since 2018

Customer service is amazing, always ready to help.
Customer since 2015

You pay attention to details an d give us the information we need,
Paul W., customer since 1987

FDA services has been a reliable and fantastic resource for all membership related matters. They will handle your requests in a professional and efficient manner. Highly recommended.
Customer since 2012

I love how Joe is always quick to help me. I have already referred some of my colleagues to him.
Kelli P., customer since 2015

Questions and requests are answered promptly and the products are a great value.
Customer since 2016

Grear customer service.
Jorge T., customer since 2013

Over the years the businesses I have started have grown. FDA Services and Dennis Head have kept us protected, providing us with peace of mind. You are always there when needed, Thank You!
Don I., customer since 2003

Great service along with very competitive rates. A terrific combination!
Eduardo P., customer since 2003

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable.
Customer since 1987

Dennis responded very quickly to our concerns and took care of everything very diligently.
Customer since 2006

Dennis was never pushy or demanding. He was pleasant, helpful, and was looking out for our interests. We really feel like he had our best interest at heart.
Heather H., customer since 2018

It is hard for me to get out of the office and shop insurance or whatever. After being a delegate for years I learned to appreciate FDS services and realize they are our friend and can help us. They can help us as dental professionals running a business which can help all our family of dental professionals.
John E., customer since 2015

Rick works diligently to solve insurance issues. He really knows how to service his clients!
Randall H., customer since 1993

I have referred several friends. thanks
Customer since 2016

Carol at the FDA was great . She was very informative and helpful . she helped our office get the plan we needed at a competitive rate . Thank you
Rory M., customer since 2006

Communication has always been GREAT with FDA Services. Very quick response time, with a personal touch. I have used FDA Services for many years and happily refer fellow colleagues.
Customer since 1999

Great service over all!!!
Customer since 2007

Terrific customer service and follow up.
Robert F., customer since 1986

Greatly appreciate how Dennis is always reachable and knowledgeable. He has earned my trust by looking out for my best interests, and helping me achieve my goals.
Aileen T., customer since 2007

Our experience with FDAS has been great. Understanding that insurance matters can be difficult to navigate, our rep Dennis, has been an educational resource to help us make the right decisions as it pertains to life & disability insurance. His knowledge, service and professionalism is top notch.
Bruce S., customer since 2013

I switched to Rick many years ago. Professionalism knowledge and service is second to none, He has help me with my Business and personal needs, making sure we are appropriately insured. Highly recommend him!
Customer since 2012

You are always available if we need your help and solve any problem.
Customer since 2015

Helping me in my business
Customer since 2016

Quick response, good advice and professional service! Thanks Dan Z !
Customer since 2008

You are very prompt and customer attentive
Sandra O., customer since 2016

Great insurance at a good price and it helps the FDA to boot
Dan H., customer since 2007

Thorough, knowledgeable, and nice.
Adrian A., customer since 2009

FDA Services where very supportive in me navigate through the confusing and complex process of converting over to Medicare.
Customer since 2010

Organized dentistry is the only thing that will help our profession.
Customer since 1991

Have been very helpful and fast!
Customer since 2017

I save up front and I save in my dues. Win-win
Jorge C., customer since 2013

Having the personal service with agents that know what they are doing.
Customer since 2018

The help to find me a good insurance plan was vey quick and easy, thank you
Customer since 2018

Thank you for your help.
Customer since 2018

The services are fast and detailed.Explanations and expectations are met 100%.
Rafael V., customer since 2018

FDA services has always been helpful to me. I feel like it is a company that is always on our side.
Customer since 2014

Great service
Larry S., customer since 2016

You are clear and straight when dealing with the information we requested.
Customer since 2016

Carrie Millar provided great customer service and was very courteous. She went out of her way to make sure that I had the best insurance plan for my needs.
Customer since 2018

When if I have any questions or concerns they are addressed quickly and effecently . Perfect follow up !
David K., customer since 2013

Dan is ALWAYS available to answer any questions and is there to be our support.
Customer since 2011

Follow up on problems with insurance carrier.
Lori A., customer since 2002

Rather than a Business Relationship FDA Services relationship is Familial, Built on Trust You have Represented My Interests, Thank-You
Teri-Ross I., customer since 1987

It WAS really fast service in getting insurance. Also you took the detail of applying my discount as my first year in private practice.
Randold B., customer since 2018

quick quote, short application, fast response !!
Customer since 2018

Quick and personalized attention
Maria F., customer since 2018

Quick and friendly service
Customer since 2018

Great customer service! Always answers all of my quenstions and concerns!
Yanet D., customer since 2016

Good customer service
Customer since 2018

I obtained health insurance for myself and my family through the FDA. My husband had tried to obtain insurance but dealing with other companies was very difficult. The FDA made the process very easy and painless!
Customer since 2004

prompt replies to my questions and helpful
Customer since 2008

Dennis Head went through a bunch of policies with me and helped me pick the right ones. He even fixed issues with the paperwork. I didn't have to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out what a question meant or how it applied to my situation. He was available to let me know what to do.
Carl J., customer since 2017

Great professional and friendly service and great rates on multiple products. That's a terrific combination!
Eduardo P., customer since 2003

You guys are great. I've been referring people to you and will continue to do so without hesitation. Thanks again for everything!
Zac S., customer since 2017

All of the service I have received has been helpful, friendly, and timely. Dan has been wonderful. He's always there for you and responds quickly when you leave a message. As well as, the rates are very competitive. I feel that the FDA rates are better than any other company that I have done business with in the past (40 years). I'm glad I switched. Thank You.
Alan W., customer since 2015

Excellent service and prompt response to questions that arise about insurance which can be very complicated. We have been using FDA Services since we opened our practice. Very satisfied with this company.
Customer since 2006

Dan has the best interest of the client in mind. He is very responsive and intuitive. Great rep and person.
Donovan E., customer since 2011

Dan Zottoli is an asset to FDA services. He is compassionate, punctual, accurate and follows up on every concern. Robert J. Fish DDS JD FAGD
Robert F., customer since 1986

Dennis was very organized, friendly, and helpful.
Customer since 2017

Dennis & the rest of the FDA team, when I contacted them, were always, courteous, personable & informative. If they did not have answer, they would refer me to someone who did. For this I am quite pleased. Thank you for being there to support me.
Mary N., customer since 2001

I felt the transition from my plan last year to my new one this year was handled well and efficiently. The person I worked with was named Carrie Millar.
Customer since 2017

Mike Trout was a pleasure to work with and guided me through process.
Customer since 2018

Quick and thorough responses to questions and service.
Customer since 2013

Maria was great in helping comprehend health insurance options for my new policy. She followed up and emailed similar health plans for my comparison. She was a great help!
Michael E., customer since 2014

I never had to wait more than 24 hours for answers to any questions I ever had in 16 years of membership. Very professional bunch of people..
Wilfredo R., customer since 2001

Dennis has been very helpful with securing our practice insurance needs over the last two years. He is both proactive reaching out to us and quick to respond if we reach out with a question.
Christopher K., customer since 2017

Always receive prompt service! Thanks!
Christine L., customer since 2011

You responded to my inquiries very promptly and professionally.
Jay G., customer since 2012

Carrie was very helpful in getting us comfortable with all the information to make our transition in health insurance this year.
Gary S., customer since 1989

Carrie, working with you, is always a joy - you are very knowledgeable, give great information, and pros and cons about various insurance options - help narrow down options, and help make the decision making painless! Then you make the process of getting the policy in place very simple, and the products we have used have always been excellent.
Jack C., customer since 1993

Phenomenal, professional, and timely, are just a few words to describe my relationship with FDA and Rick. I recommend to all of my colleagues and friends. Without hesitation, FDA is the absolute best!!
Freddie W., customer since 2004

Very helpful people at FDA services.
Customer since 2000

Rick was very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.
David M., customer since 2017

Great support for legal questions. Awesome insurance products.
Mark S., customer since 1991

Many different insurance products.
Steven J., customer since 1988

No excessive contact. You were there to answer questions when I ask.
Elsa W., customer since 1989

THe FDAS team is easy to reach and ready to answer my questions. They are expert professionals!
Jolene P., customer since 2012

Dan, you have always been there for me since the day I started my practice 7 years ago. Whether I'm looking for a new policy or filling a claim, I know I can depend on your professionalism. Thank you.
Victor D., customer since 2006

Rick was always accessible and when he told me something would get done it did.
Frank P., customer since 2002

Dennis is a good honest, hard working man.
Jason S., customer since 2008

Answered my questions quickly and professionally.
Judy R., customer since 2017

15 years ago you sold me a long term care policy thru ALLIANCE and it was a 10 year pay so I have it and don't pay.
Joseph C., customer since 1984

Very helpful setting me up with my plan and letting me know all of my options
Customer since 2018

Always prompt knowledgeable service.
Yolanda M., customer since 2008

Very quick and thorough response!! Thanks Mike for all you have done for me!
Christie C., customer since 2015

A shout out to Dan and all the people at FDA Services for making the insurance process so simple and efficient.
Daniel B., customer since 2016

Dan Zatolli was taking care of all insurance for my practice. We had very good experience!
Customer since 2013

Easy with fast service and pleasant people to speak with!
Dan H., customer since 2007

FDA Services is always helpful with our employee insurance plan. Thank you!
Customer since 2013

Dan has take everything that I need for my practices in the last 20 years. He response to my my request and questions efficiently and throughly. The best service I can never asked.
Robert L., customer since 2010

Great value for deserving dentist . I highly recommend. Km
Kristine M., customer since 2015

You guys are quick, knowledgeable, and you always get me the best product at the best rates. Can't ask for anything more.
Jorge F., customer since 2015

You hired the best person for the job.
Customer since 2010

some one is always there to help. and also able to help.
Samuel A., customer since 2007

Easy buying experience with easy renewal of policies. No pushy sales and sound advice.
Daniel B., customer since 2014

Over the years Dennis Head has been very professional and personable. He always takes extra steps to make sure that we meet our deadline in selecting our plans even if its at the last minute.
Shamim K., customer since 2016

I feel you always do right by me
Monica W., customer since 2012

Dennis is extremely personal yet professional, even when I sort of forgot who he was after not seeing him for a long time while attending CE. In addition, the services from others at FDA are always prompt & 1st class. I cannot for a better group to have my insurances. Thank you.
Mary N., customer since 2001

You have always been there when we need advise and have help us tremendously when we had an issue with embezzlement in our office.
Customer since 1997

After 38 years of practice I never made a claim. Ransomware forced me to contact The Doctors Company. They put me in touch with Beazley Group who deals specifically with cyber security. Their professional experience helped in so many ways. Data was not lost, files were decrypted and life returned to normal. It's a new age which requires new insurance. The Doctors Company included cyber security coverage knowing it's a real risk. It was, and it was covered. Thanks So Much!
Customer since 2011

The FDA representatives Joe and Maria are a great team . They are both very quick to respond, professional, and have excellent customer service.
Customer since 2016

Dan Zottoli has been a great consultant and advisor to our group. Quick to respond and always looking out for our team, he adds great value to FDA services. The Doctors Company has also been quite attentive and quick to advise and give excellent guidance with their seasoned experts. With Dan and The Doctors Company it is very comforting working with a team that knows their craft!
Customer since 2010

You sent information quickly and always followed up. You were willing to answer any questions I had promptly and clearly.Thank you for your help.
Customer since 2012

Everything especially your president!
Robert E., customer since 2002

I had been insured with another malpractice company for many years. No claims ever made and they continued to raise rates at a rapid pace. Finally I decided to check out FDA services and they were able to offer me a much better plan at much more reasonable rate. I would suggest that you check it out to see weather you are being treated fairly. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised.
John M., customer since 2016

FDA Services is always very responsive to any question we have and has always taken great care of all our needs. I feel my agent is more than just an agent but a friend, who has also taken great care of all my office insurance needs. Dr. Oscar
Oscar M., customer since 1994

I have dealt with Dan Zottoli at FDA Services for several years. He has been very helpful in getting me health insurance with Florida Blue. He has also helped with my husband's, workman's comp and professional liability policies. Dan is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.
Anita W., customer since 2014

Insurance Continuing education
Peter W., customer since 1985

Your company has been easy to work with especially in times of hardship. Your company has been getting things done in a timely manner. Your company representative has been very helpful.
Phillip S., customer since 2016

Hey, I would like to say that ever since I met Dennis Head that he has been very supportive from malpractice insurance assistance to helping me find healthcare insurance rates. Thanks, David K. Boules
Customer since 2015

Joseph Perretti is the only agent I use for personal insurance! He is easy to talk to, gets the job done quickly, and he always gets me the best price! I highly recommend Joe!
Jorge F., customer since 2015

Mike was very helpful with getting my worker's comp, malpractice insurance and health insurance squared away. He was very prompt to respond and made the process very easy. I would recommend his services if you are planning on opening up your own business or if you're an independent contractor. Great service!
Vanessa B., customer since 2017

Dennis always goes above and beyond my expectations. Help me with my specific needs and concerns. Quick and easy process from start to finish.
Customer since 2014

Helpful and responsive
Customer since 2005

Very quick, efficient and professional.
Customer since 2017

Excellent customer service!
Jorge R., customer since 2006

Dan is knowledgeable and always available. I trust that he gives me the best advice when it come to my insurance needs. Christopher A. Starr, DDS
Christopher S., customer since 1996

Easy to work with.
Derek H., customer since 2015

Questions answered in a timely manner.
Customer since 2014

Great personal service from Eboni
Robert U., customer since 1997

Dan Zottoli is an exceptional agent and an asset to FDA Services.
Robert F., customer since 1986

Prompt, courteous service responds quickly to questions with sound answers.
Lesile M., customer since 2017

Very friendly, fast service and always had a LIVE person to speak with.
Nicholas G., customer since 2017

i appreciate that I get my phone calls returned as soon as possible, everyone's time is important and this to me is very positive
Customer since 2015

When ever I have a question and call always have been answered by friendly person and very happy with the service.
Dusanka A., customer since 2003

I haven’t had any claims so I can only go on the ease of continued service
Customer since 2015

The ability for me to practice in several states is an important feature of the malpractice insurance offered by the Doctors Company.
Richard H., customer since 2014

Great customer service and touching base with me periodically is very appreciated.
Customer since 2016

FDA-member dentists follow ethical principles and practice standards
Isabel V., customer since 2017

Prompt responseto any questions i had. Helped to reduce my premium when i went to parttime
Customer since 1994

Dan is ALWAYS efficiently and promptly responsive to all questions and problems.
Martin R., customer since 1987

Joe's response time is always excellent. His quotes are competitive and the explanations are easy to understand yet thorough. We feel in good hands with Joe.
Mauricio S., customer since 2013

You helped me in all the process. You answered all my questions about insurance. at any time. Your services was excellent ethical and professional.That was the reason that I choose The Doctors Company Dental Malpractice
Odalis H., customer since 2017

Dennis Head has been extremely helpful with all of our needs since we started practicing 13 years ago.
Jason S., customer since 2005

Staff on top of all issues. Have quick and correct answers and communication is excellent.
Customer since 1985

Thank you for your amazing service all these years you have handled our company’s insurance needs. It is a pleasure to work with you!
Melanie L., customer since 2007

I believe that overall the FDA has great negotiating power and have dentists best interest at heart.
Bryan O., customer since 2015

Always very helpful
Adam B., customer since 2006

Dan always helpful and attentive
Customer since 2014

Always there to answer the difficult questions from insurance to Florida law. Thanks for all your help over the years!
Alan R., customer since 2006

Quick and proper response to my needs
Marc S., customer since 2015

Dennis is the best. If I contact him with a question or concern, his response is always timely and thorough.
Jennifer O., customer since 2007

FDA Services has been great to me. My rep, Dennis has always gone out of his way to help guide me in determining which insurance was best for my family and I. Anytime I have a question he is quick to respond and I always feel like I matter to him. Great customer service should be recognized, that's why I recommend FDA Services to all my friends and family.
Shannon D., customer since 2015

Very informative Competitive fees
Customer since 2014

Great service!
Brandon G., customer since 2014

Great followup on any issues that come up. Eboni is on top of it and its much appreciated.
Joe M., customer since 2014

Dan is very helpful and has always been extremely available to our family for questions and advice. We appreciate your service. Thank you. Dori Fowler
Dori F., customer since 2013

Prompt responses to ant questions. You seem very reliable.
Falastin A., customer since 2016

You all are always there for us. I've had contact with several of the departments always very helpful in moving forward.
Customer since 2016

Great personal service,thanks.
Adrian R., customer since 1990

rick helps out immensely!!!
Michael M., customer since 13

Always available to answer questions in a timely and efficient manner!
Customer since 2015

Dan has always been available and very pleasant to work with!!!
Customer since 2016

I'm very grateful for the work and attention of The Doctor's Company group. They have always answered my questions with efficiency and clarity. I appreciate that a lot. Sincerely, Yolanda Iduate DMD.
Yolanda B., customer since 2015

Dennis is amazing at making sure things are taken care of promptly and efficiently. He is sure to ask what the needs of the practice are and to offer appropriate services.
Customer since 2008

The office has been a member with FDA services since 2005. Dennis Head has provided us with all required coverages till today. He works around a practice’s needs and is not there to “sell” their products. He always provides prompt service and they are only a phone call away. We have also ordered supplies through FDA. They are a good resource for all dental practices.
Deepa M., customer since 2015

You are always so helpful!
Martha S., customer since 1991

The best thing about Dennis and his team at FDA services is their ability to respond quickly to any little question or request that I give them. Sometimes a transaction requires a random proof of insurance or some other detail, and it's been no problem to acquire that when needed.
Ryan C., customer since 2013

Dennis has been a great help and reaches out to us helping us with our health insurance and other needs. He is clear and quick. Thanks for the help for the last two years
Customer since 2017

Extremely easy to work with and contact, even for small things like address changes or simple questions!
Customer since 2015

Dennis has always been available and very pleasant to work with!
Customer since 2001

You met with me and explained the program in a comparison with the company I had been using. Yours was better and I switched,
Customer since 2016

Your office is very efficient handling calls and mail and very professional I appreciate it thank you dr. Vanmeter
Milton V., customer since 2016

Dennis Head always responds in a timely manner, has great skills in helping the customer achieve what they want from their insurance options and always follows through. I have used him for over 10 years for every kind of insurance that my practice needs.
Aileen T., customer since 2007

You have taken care of me for 20+ years with courtesy and promptness. Always there to answer any questions and help me with my insurance needs. Thank you! Rafael M Palaganas DDS
Rafael P., customer since 2003

Working with FDA Services has been great for our insurance needs. We had previously been content with our coverage through another company but heard good things about FDA Services through our local professional association. We checked them out, made the switch, and have never looked back!
Customer since 2014

I own a small firm and had no idea how to get my office health insurance. Carrie and the entire FDAS staff made the process super easy for me. I recommend FDAS to anyone that has insurance needs.
Don D., customer since 2017

I have had great experiences with FDA services for as long as I can remember. It really comes down to who services you, and I have been lucky enough to work with Rick D'Angelo for most of that time
Raj G., customer since 2010

Dan Zottoli helps me immediately every time my bank asks me for insurance papers. Also, when hurricane Irma was coming towards us I asked him for hints on what to do to protect my business and he promptly sent me informations on how to prepare my business in case of a disaster. Very pleased, Dan is not a procrastinator!
Fernanda M., customer since 2012

We had a problem with automatic withdrawals that it wasn't done and we were dropped from the insurance but Dan handled it extremely well very rapidly corral solved and insurance is back in force remarkable job well done
William A., customer since 2016

Dan Zottoli is great!
Customer since 2008

Very responsive, very knowledgeable, and very helpful.
Customer since 2014

Easy source for price checking. Even if we order item elsewhere, they are forced to match or beat your price.
Stuart P., customer since 1990

What I like the best is the personalized attention. If there are any questions or concerns they are dealt with and tailored to my needs. Great Job!
Customer since 2016

Dan Zottoli has always been quick to respond to both calls and emails whenever I have any questions, and he is very knowledgeable about what he does.
Customer since 2011

Carrie guided me through the maze of Medicare enrollment with its myriad of available plans. The results were great and I am highly satisfied. This is a definite member benefit to take advantage of.
Charles F., customer since 1985

I have been working with Joseph Perreti and Maria Brooks for years now. Their customer service is impeccable! They are always very responsive to my inquiries and are willing to help me out with any issues I may be having. We could not be any happier with them. Keep up the great work!
William P., customer since 2009

Service was quick and thoroughly explained. Renewal simple.
Customer since 2015

Joseph Perretti always takes care of our needs in a timely fashion. He answers our questions and clarifies everything we ask so we understand it. The staff at FDAS is always available to help as well.
Yolanda M., customer since 2008

Customer service with FDA Services in general, and Rick D'Angelo in particular, has always been outstanding.
Rudy L., customer since 1992

Being able to speak with the same person (Dan Z.) over the years and knowing he is aware of the specific needs of Dentists
Robert V., customer since 2010

I have worked with Joe Perretti for many years and he has always provided my office with outstanding knowledge and prompt service. It’s comforting to know that he has the resources of our FDAS and the interests of our FDA members at his disposal.
Michael E., customer since 2014

Dennis Head and his team are very helpful, informative and reliable. I would refer them in a heartbeat!
Crystal K., customer since 2016

Very happy with the service from Rick and the team. Available and attentive anytime we need anything at all. Look forward to many more years of great service Dustin
Dustin D., customer since 2016

Dan Zottoli at Fda is the best! He is fast and attentive. He makes things happen quickly under pressure. He has helped me find insurance for multiple locations
Tatiana H., customer since 2014

Joe Perretti has done great work for my practice and I. Joe Always responds within the hour with pertinent information and precise timelines. Always a positive experience.
Jordan R., customer since 2013

Thank you very much Mr. Dan Zattoli for your excellent service and the company too. Proud to be your customer.
Paola K., customer since 2016

Rick has always been so easy to work with and does a great job helping us with all our needs!
Michael M., customer since 13

Good selection of services with great rates.
Customer since 2016

We worked with Melissa Staggers to complete the insurance paperwork for our real estate purchase. She was able to write the policy and get the necessary paperwork to our bank within a very short amount of time, saving us from having to delay our closing. Melissa did all of this with excellent customer service and a very positive attitude. She was great!
Customer since 2012

FDA services makes applying for all types of insurances seamless and easy.
Jeffrey O., customer since 1998

Ease of use
Customer since 1991

Dan was always available to answer my questions.
Helem G., customer since 2017

Help me every time I need with my insurance coverages. Providing options and giving me advice when I need to make a decision!!
Claudia F., customer since 2010

Great service, knowledgeable, and caring!
David W., customer since 2011

The FDA Services offered me a malpractice insurance which was less expensive than my previous one for the same coverage! AND it provides for a rebate after retirement. They have provided me with flood insurance, property insurance, workman's comp. They remind me in a timely manner, price compare for me and I trust they are taking care of my interests. I always check if they can take care of an insurance need before I look elsewhere.
Elizabeth G., customer since 2003

The service was quick and communication was good.
Customer since 2017

I was very pleased with the rapid response to my inquiry and the knowledgeable assistance I received.
Customer since 2017

Agents, like Rick D, being able to communicate the options so that normal people can understand and make informed decisions about their insurance.
Customer since 2013

superb customer service
Customer since 2017

Good price, always ready to answer any question.
Customer since 2015

The FDA services are cost effective and they benefit the association.
William B., customer since 1985

Fast, efficient, accurate service!
Randall H., customer since 1993

Have worked with FDA Services ever since graduating from Dental School and have always been very happy! The agents are great!
Deborah L., customer since 2012

Always help with any issues.
Paula H., customer since 2011

Compare coverages and prices to give me the best product
Joseph A., customer since 1987

Everyone I have delt with at FDA Services has responded to my questions quickly and professionally.
Judy R., customer since 2017

I am very pleased with FDA services. As a new business owner I had to purchase all different types of insurance policies. Rick and his team were so helpful throughout the whole process. They took their time to explain all benefits to each policy and never pressured me into making any decision. They were quick to answer my thoughsand questions and made the whole process stress free. Thanks for your excellent services FDA!
Joana L., customer since 2017

Great service
Customer since 1985

Joseph Perreti is always willing to help and to respond any concerns promptly and with precision. He is clear and honest. I already recommended him and he maintained his attitude with my colleague. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him again.
Tania H., customer since 2017

Thank you for the excellent service. Rick was extremely knowledgeable and guided me very well through a process that I was thinking would be difficult.
Brandon B., customer since 2015

Rick @ FDA services handle all my insurance needs for my practices. He provides excellent service and is always available to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend him.
Robert Y., customer since 2009

The FDA and FDA services have been great support both for the practice of dentistry and the business model of practice management. Without the "voice " of dentistry expressed by the FDA, our practices would be shaped by political and corporate entities. Without FDA services, we would not benefit our practices with excellent insurance plans and funding for the FDA. Thank you to those who volunteer to work for our association.
William B., customer since 1985

Good rates Always very responsive All concerns addressed in a mattter of hours Good advice given Good follow up
Shirley S., customer since 2014

Dan from FDA was very professional, helpful and willing to willing to answer the hundreds of questions we had at anytime of day or night. We purchased several different policies and In addition to getting us competitive rates on the products we needed, they made the process very simple and stress free. I would recommend them without hesitation and will definitely be using their services again.
Customer since 2017

Great service and very reasonable premiums
Carlos F., customer since 2016

I am a recent graduate with no experience or knowledge of disability insurance. Dennis Head was very helpful on multiple occasions. He answered all of my questions and walked me through the process very patiently.
Justin M., customer since 2017

Customer since 1997

Get me the coverage I need with the most competitive cost possible.
Customer since 2012

Very professional services, I Am very impressed with their timely responses. All insurance quotes and coverages are fair. Thanks!
Guifang C., customer since 2015

I just moved to Florida from Ohio, RIck D'Angelo got me hooked up with all of my insurance needs quickly and efficiently! I retook the dental board exam over in order to obtain dental license in Florida, Rick took much stress away in the opening of my new practice on Marco Island.
Richard S., customer since 2016

You are always attentive to my needs. Your responses are timely. Great customer service especially from Joe
Adriana R., customer since 2017

Great service. Fast, accurate and saved us money. Thanks Rick!
Frank K., customer since 2017

I needed help in finding the link to get a copy of the national fee schedule averages and the person I was on the phone with quickly helped me out and emailed me the information without me having to look for it. A+
Thomas C., customer since 2001

Always attentive to proof of insurance requests and FDA rep. always handles proof of insurance requests directly making my life easier.
Customer since 2008

Great product and great service.
Ronald T., customer since 2017

Prompt, knowledgeable, friendly service. I had a burning question over the weekend and my Jacksonville representative, Mike Trout, was kind enough to respond without waiting until Monday. Best decision I have ever made with regard to my insurance needs was to work with FDA Services.
Richard M., customer since 2017

Every one is very professional and always eager to help me out every time I have a question or concern! I never hesitate to call Joseph Perretti or Maria for any advise, I feel they got my back and looking for my best interest!!
Yanet D., customer since 2016

Working with Rick D'Angelo to navigate health insurance plans over the past years has proved immensely helpful. He is very knowledgeable and always accessible.
Customer since 2017

Great customer service
Customer since 1992

I started my General Dentistry Practice 5 years ago. I feel like I was well taken care of during that process to make sure I had all of the insurance products I needed to keep myself covered. Thank you to Dennis Head and everyone at FDA Services for you continued hard work. You made my transition into business ownership smooth.
Damien H., customer since 2011

You made the decision making process simple. And you handle all of the annual renewal paperwork for us which saves us a lot of time and energy.
Ken M., customer since 2012

Friendly customer service, competitive rates
Customer since 2015

So far very happy with the FDA's service and response.
James M., customer since 2013

Been there as an association for us.
Customer since 2016

Quick and dependable. Not a long process o get started
Customer since 2017

We appreciate your help when it's time to select health insurance. You have been easy to reach and have knowledge about the various products available to us.
Peter L., customer since 1997

The support I receive from FDA services is second to none. All questions are always answered promptly and effectively.
Adrian A., customer since 2009

Thanks Carrie for all your help. I appreciate the quick responses to all my questions. And, thank you for updating me on the process, as the policy was being written.
Mark R., customer since 2001

One of the great benefits of being an FDA member. Been using their insurance products for 20 years.
David G., customer since 1992

You are awesome, great service and dedication to our profession
Francisco O., customer since 2007

Personal touch.
Customer since 2016

They made getting new insurance easy.
Customer since 1997

Excellent service, at or below competitive prices and the knowledge that product evaluation, due diligence, supervision and customer support is through and with the backing of our colleagues in the FDA.
Orlando D., customer since 1985

Great customer service.
Vincent C., customer since 2001

Customer service; i know i can get an answer quickly from your office. You always look out for me.
Customer since 2014

From the first day we moved to FL my wife and I have enjoyed the help you have given us with setting up our liability and the ease at which we were able to register the things we needed for our new practice. You have been easy to contact and very helpful every time we have needed you.
Joseph M., customer since 2016

So far, I never had a problem with your services.
Customer since 2011

Always looking out for my best interest. Always a pleasure to work with.
Mark C., customer since 1987

I appreciate the efficient and friendly service.
Customer since 2016

I have had a good experience working with Mike Trout and have referred colleagues to him as well. He has responded to questions very quickly and has clearly explained any areas of confusion I have run into. Thank you for all of your help with providing my insurance.
Customer since 2016

Joe is great always available and hard worker
Mileidis M., customer since 2016

Great service!
Oscar M., customer since 1994

The set-up process is very easy for all types of insurance. The billing is always correct and presented in a timely manner. The rates are also very reasonable and if I ever have a question, Dennis Head responds right away and provides me with all of the information I need.
Customer since 2005

Joseph Perretti was very helpful and professional in handling my issue.
Customer since 2005

Optioning liability insurance through the FDA service inc with The help of Joseph Perretti was an easier process than I expected. They made things quick, detailed and straight forward. It was great as a recent graduate.
Sandor V., customer since 2017

When I need help with my medical plan, FDA services is always very responsive to my questions and solve my issues immediately.
Customer since 2002

Professional, quick, friendly, knowledgeable
Kyle S., customer since 2010

Dealing with Dan Zottoli is a pleasure. He is very personable, knowledgeable and a true gentleman. He was able to answer all my questions and expedited the process very efficiently. Thanks Dan.
Customer since 2017

Easy to deal with. Fast response. Get what I want
Customer since 2017

you always have a rapid response to any question.
Customer since 2016

Great service and prompt response, Dennis is always very helpful!
Mhd H., customer since 2016

I don't use you for very many services, but, when I do it is so easy to work with you
Timothy M., customer since 1987

Amswered my call immediately and got my insurance immediately
Customer since 2017

Timely and responsive.
Customer since 2014

Very easy to reach and to speak with regarding any and all questions!
Customer since 2016

Great Service! Nice experience!
Aliuska L., customer since 2017

Always good followup.
David B., customer since 1987

(Dennis Head) Helped me understand what I am actually signing up for and what I need in terms of tail coverage. Very happy with my interaction , he answered all the questions I had. Very helpful .
Customer since 2017

Liscary R., customer since 2017

The attentiveness to answering questions and concerns has always been exceptional!
Customer since 2013

For years I was overpaying on my malpractice insurance! What a fool, the Doctor's Company and FDA services reduced my premium making it a no brainer to be part of the ADA and FDA. I also buy supplies thru the FDA at a lower cost than other suppliers.
Athas K., customer since 2017

Professional and very helpful in answering concern and questions.
Customer since 2015

The FDA is a place that can brings Dental Techs together and allows old friendships to get reacquainted and helps us keep up with the Dental Lab World and Issues, As we all continue to educate ourselves and others, Thanks FDA, Richard Shick CDT over 47 years service towards Labs service,
Richard S., customer since 2015

Outstanding service in many ways: health insurance coverage – always on top of the market, malpractice and liability coverage – superior
Customer since 2006

Although I'm a relatively new doctor, I've already had such a great experience with FDA. They made transitioning my coverage between practices so seamless! I really can say enough great things about my coverage this far! Thank you, FDA!
Emily N., customer since 2017

Very quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Thanks!
Cathy T., customer since 2017

Incredibly simple and fast service. Thanks Mike!
Steven B., customer since 2017

Dan Zottoli has been our ready, willing and able insurance representative for our dental office for over 10 years. He is knowledgeable and always advises us about the best insurance coverage priced and tailored to meet our needs!
Bruce O., customer since 1987

Rick and his associate, Melissa, always help me with my insurance needs. They always respond to my emails and provide prompt service. Thank you both! Dr. David Castellano
Dave C., customer since 2017

Very efficient, quick response, always available
Customer since 2017

I really enjoyed working with you. Most of all, as you assessed my needs and gave me a product that I needed versus one that was most profitable to you.
Customer since 2017

Rick is always available to answer any questions we have and we are happy with the customer service provided by this company
Kile S., customer since 2016

Great insurance package at a fair price. Great member service and friendly communication
Jeffrey O., customer since 1998

I was exploring the cost and coverage for Cyberguard insurance. FDAS was very helpful working through the options.
Randall H., customer since 1993

I have worked with Ms. Millar for several insurance issues over the last few years. She is reliable, punctual, informative, knowledgeable, respectful and...very nice. I wanted her superiors to know what a gem she is and a pleasure to work with. Thanks.
Gary A., customer since 1985

You service has been very good.
Curtis B., customer since 2015

I have known Dan Zottoli for over 15 years. He provides excellent customer service and he has always been there to help and answer any questions. He is very knowledgeable and efficient.
Luis G., customer since 1999

We were referred to FDA services and have had a great experience. Rick D'Angelo has been very helpful and is always quick to answer our questions and provide us with any information we request. Customer service is top notch with this company!
Kile S., customer since 2016

Dan Zottoli is a very knowledgeable person and an excellent person to work with.
Customer since 2016

Always helpful and eager to answer any questions that may arise.
Customer since 2018

Excellent service. Joseph Perretti met with me at my lunch time and he explained all my options. I found it very convenient, as I have a hectic schedule and it's hard for me to be absent from clinic. Always good communication and available to help any time.
Jossue A., customer since 2011

Joseph Perretti is very knowledgeable of all aspects of insurance needs
Customer since 2007

I have always felt confident that my insurance needs have been met in a very competent and courteous manner. It is always a pleasure working with Dan .
Mark C., customer since 1987

FDA Services provides all the insurance products I need. Professionally administered, the policies are cost-effective while benefiting programs and services of the FDA, which in turn benefits us, the member dentists.
J H., customer since 1985

Hiring Carrie!!!
Customer since 2013

Quick responses and customer service and great explanations of the policies.
Customer since 2017

Someone is always readily available for help.
Alexis R., customer since 2017

Everything was just right! Super fast, easy, simple, clear and a very good deal.
Customer since 2017

Flexibility to have insurance only when actually needed.
Grady J., customer since 2017

Always great service!
Customer since 2017

I appreciated your help me w/ the malpractice insurance, you always answered soon. thanks
Beatriz C., customer since 2016

Always there when I need help. Efficient and dependable
Martin S., customer since 1997

Constant follow up
Customer since 2016

I appreciate the prompt responses, clarity in explanations, and wide array of services that are offered to meet my needs as a dental provider. I always come away learning something new and feeling comfortable with discussions.
Amrika R., customer since 2017

Mr. Head has gone over and above helping me to transfer our staff to United Healthcare. He personally met with me to go over the forms and make it an easy move from BCBS to United. He has always been available to answer questions when needed. I really appreciate the customer service.
Jane L., customer since 2016

Very friendly and knowledgeable
Customer since 2013

Mike was great. He answered all of my questions pertaining to the different types of policies offered. It was easy to sign up, which was nice, with all the paperwork associated with being a new graduate.
Customer since 2017

Thorough, fair rates, great with following up
James M., customer since 2013

Prompt responses to requests
Flora B., customer since 2017

The quick response to any question(s) along with personal attention.
Rocco C., customer since 2013

Very accessible and willing to spend as much time as needed on the phone reviewing complex insurance plans. I never felt rushed or pressured
Christopher T., customer since 2016

FDA Services are very attentive and have the best interest of Florida dentists in mind.
Paul P., customer since 2014

Rick is always available at a moments notice. He is very knowledgeable and helpful making sure our office is properly insured.
Customer since 2005

Great communication and prompt responses to all questions.
Customer since 2018

Quick service. Good prices and no pressure selling. Also, fast response to your questions.
Customer since 2017

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