Florida Dental Owns an Insurance Agency

In the late 80s the cost of malpractice insurance for dentists was steeply increasing but Florida dentists were not provided claims data to substantiate these drastic increases. Florida Dental decided to form its own insurance agency, FDA Services, and sought to find a new insurance partner.

They were looking for a carrier that would:

  • Base all rates on claims data from Florida Dentists
  • Have a true consent to settle clause that would defend up to policy limits (even if a dentist did not want to settle)
  • Have an exclusive relationship offering dental malpractice only through FDA Services in Florida

After a lengthy vetting process, they picked First Professionals Insurance Company (FPIC) headquartered in Jacksonville Florida. Malpractice premiums began to decrease, and FDA Services assisted 1000s of dentists. They decided to expand their insurance offerings to protect everything a dentist would need to run a successful practice.

FPIC was purchased by The Doctors Company (TDC), the second largest malpractice carrier nationally; and in 2012 and the president of FPIC, Bob White, became the Regional Operating Officer of the Southeast. TDC’s professional liability policy included a loyalty reward program called Tribute Plan and $50K in cyber liability insurance. In the 10 years that FDA Services has been working with TDC the partnership has flourished.

Partnership notes:

  • Premiums are 25% lower than when we started the program in 1986
  • Bob White is now the Chief Operating Officer of TDC
  • FDA Services and TDC  have expanded their relationship and are now offering policies in all 50 states
  • A Botox Rider has been added at $0
  • Over 6000 dentists trust FDA Services and TDC for their malpractice insurance

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