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Why You Need Office Insurance

For many, practice ownership is the ultimate reward for the years of dedication to the dental profession. You spent the time in school. You spent the time working for another office honing your skills and learning the ins and outs of managing a practice. You are ready. So, what comes next?

Like all things, a new venture requires a new train of thought and usually a list of insurance needs. These needs may come in the form of requirements from a landlord, a bank financing the practice or both. On any list, whether required or not, office insurance should be near the top of the list. Why?

An office insurance policy is designed to cover premises liability, protect the physical assets of the office (such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, supplies) and provide coverage to rebuild the office. In addition, many office insurance policies will also offer lost income protection should a covered loss prevent the office from operating.

Your dental practice is a BIG ASSET. It provides for you and your family. What would happen if a fire burned it to the ground? Contact FDA Services for a complimentary insurance review. Whether new to practice ownership or in practice for years and years — we can help you find the coverage you need!

Our experienced staff is ready to get to work for you — call or text 850.681.2996 or email [email protected] to connect to our agents today. 

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